Tension: Control at a breaking point.  


Exploring the natural world around me and focusing on my role within it, i strive to illuminate the tension between nature and humans through art. Using found materials I challenge the integrity of the materials within spatial boundaries. Whatever the material, I find myself testing it, searching for its limits with a structural balance, much like an explorer gingerly traversing a glacier in high summer. In using various materials and testing their limits, i toe boundaries; each project becomes an engineered experiment. Similarly, a stonefly's cocoon of sand and pebbles is fit for three years of tumultuous waters; the cocoon can fail and its components once again become part of the river, shedding light on connectedness and impermanence. The tension and balance I strive for is like that of an eagle's nest. Weaving found materials together with its beak, for the bird to balance a metric-ton basket on the highest point of the tallest tree to embrace the elements is like Russian roulette. Nobody would ever do this, but an eagle does and succeeds. Using craft as my wading staff, my goal is to create structure within the thalweg, conveying tension to the viewer standing safely ashore.